Windows XP keeps rebooting

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Jan 17, 2006
  1. Hi,
    My friend has a serious problem with the DELL computer. He has Windows XP Professional Edition installed.
    Whenever the computer starts, it gets to the Windows XP Pro logo loading screen and keeps rebooting like crazy. My friend tried to use the XP OS CD to reinstall the OS, but the hard drive is inaccessible ( in DOS, the message "path specified is not valid." In the BIOS setup, the hard drive is recognized. He couldn't even boot into Safe Mode.

    I tried to use the DELL utility to scan for memory problems, and there are no problems found. Is it the SASSER virus?

    I don't know what to do. Please help.

    Thank you.
  2. A_DOG73

    A_DOG73 TS Rookie Posts: 170

    So when you set the boot sequence in bios to boot from cd, put the windows cd in and restart, the windows installation screen doesn't come up? You are getting an error instead of that screen?
  3. computernoob

    computernoob TS Rookie Topic Starter


    The installation screen does appear but you can't install anything because the hard drive is not accessible.
  4. A_DOG73

    A_DOG73 TS Rookie Posts: 170

    Can you get to the screen where it shows the partition with windows on it? Did you try unplugging the HD and plugging it back in?
  5. Char_X

    Char_X TS Rookie Posts: 170

    When I had the same situation last time it meant my HDD was broken - I was able to restore data from only 2 partitions by plugging in my drive to other computer and my system partition became inaccessible.
  6. rbbibble

    rbbibble TS Rookie

    I have had a continuous restart problem before and also was unable to install windows. For me the problem actually turned out to be a bad RAM module. I would try memtest on each RAM chip individually to make sure the RAM is ok.
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