Windows XP Keyboard issue? HELP

By brytowski
Feb 13, 2008
  1. Ok here goes, I have a user who has a sony Viao Laptop. Today the keyboard stopped working (an external USB and the built into the laptop keyboard) it works to acess the BIOS as well as to choose the boot option (F8) it works up until the prompt for ctrl+alt+del to login. I can remote into the PC and use a keyboard fine to press CTRL ALT DEL to get to the logon propt....they KB still does not work here...then logged into the laptop and viola the Keyboard works fine AFTER login. I rebooted the PC and the same issue occurs, not lights work on either keyboard. I have tried using differnt keyboards to no avail. i do not believe this to be a hardware issue. I ran a chkds /f that found no errors.....any suggestions would be great I am at a loss....

    Reformatting is almost not an option, and I have tried going into device manager and removing and reinstalling devices.

  2. brytowski

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    OK another thing I tried, I hooked the laptop up to a KVM, this KVM incorporates both the mouse and the KB into 1 USB cable into the laptop. The mouse works (which has worked all along) but KB does not
  3. raybay

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    Sony has had a number of laptop keyboard problems... we have worked on a few, but without parts availability due to Sony's standard lack of cooperation, we had to send the laptop back to Sony... where they replaced the motherboard.
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