Windows XP Pro 64 bit activation

By mcloud
Nov 2, 2005
  1. Hi chaps,

    I bought an AMD Sempron 3000+ with XP PRO 64 bit loaded and having tried to load a few applications gave up for a while. When I switched it on the other day, it now says that Windows requires activation. When you say yes to this a box appears saying that Windows has already been activated and to exit. When exiting from this box, the welcome screen appears and logs off every time with the only option to shutdown or restart. If I can't login how can find the product ID? or even attempt to load Internet software to log in to Microsoft. All I have is a Microsoft Product recovery cd-rom with the Product KEY. Sometimes the product ID is on a sticker on the box, but not in this case. I bought this system on Ebay from a company call the PC Experts Ltd and everything seems above board. They supplied me with the recovery cd and motherboard cd and various manuals. Have I bought a pink elephant? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  2. SNGX1275

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    You could call Microsoft up and explain to them the situation.
  3. mcloud

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    Thanks for the advice. Have been on to one of the forums at Microsoft and been given a few tips. Also, what I had forgotten about was that this appears on the bottom of the desktop (when I did log on originally) as an evaluation copy which was not stated on the item description on Ebay, so I have been told to go back to vendor and request a full version of WXP Pro 64 bit.
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