Windows XP Pro Install Problem

By gjwimmer
Jun 24, 2009
  1. I am having a recurring problem trying to re-install Win XP Pro onto an older PC where it was running before. I got through the product key entry, but it keeps hanging up at the "Preparing installation" point where it is "installing devices" and says "Setup wll complete in 34 minutes". There are no scratches on the original install CD. It is an October 2001 issue. I've tried to reformat the hard disk several times during the install operation, but no improvement. It keeps stopping at 34 minutes remaining each time. Any thoughts & suggestions?
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    Hello GJ Wimmer... Welcome to TechSpot.

    <snipped answer to question and reposted in the new thread>

    Now... to help you get better response to your question... Let me direct you to another area to repost your question...
    If I were you, I would post the question in the OS area here...
    (or else possibly in the Storage and Networking area, here...

    Also, these threads are very helpful places to start reading, to prepare for your first post... and

    This area is really for introductions. Your best responses for needed help will be in the appropriate forums.

    Again, welcome! And I will be looking for your next post.
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