Windows XP Pro Repair

By BioGenome
Jan 23, 2009
  1. All,

    When booting windows my PC gets to the Windows screen and reboots. It will continue to do this unless I just power off PC, basically a loop. In tryin to fix this i was going hoping to use the repair feature of the OS disk. However, once the disk boots, comes to the blue screen and I choose the opton to repair I'm redirected to MSDOS command prompt asking for an Administrator Password. The funny thing about this is I dont remember creating a password when I got it almost 3 years ago. So, is there anyway around this scenario without deleting partition?

  2. markmatis

    markmatis TS Rookie

    Try a blank password. Also, try YOUR password, if you're an administrator on your PC. You likely are.

    Otherwise, search google for a program called PC Login Now. You burn it to a CD, boot to it, and you can set your account as an administrator account all without loggin in yourself. Very helpful.
  3. mflynn

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    You must be trying to repair using Repair Console (would you know what to do here anyway?). For this you do have and will need the password.

    There is a way to do the repair without needing a password.

    That would be a Repair Install.

    This is done by declining to use the first (R) Repair Console and continue the Install until Setup detects an existing installation and offers (R) to repair it.

    This will repair windows and keep all of your settings programs and data!

    What is the SP level on the HD and what is the SP level on your XP CD.

    If the CD is lower for example you have SP3 on the HD and SP2 on the CD and you proceed you will need to reinstall SP3 after the repair.

    A good link with images

  4. BioGenome

    BioGenome TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I was tryin to repair from the 'Repair Console'. I will skip first Repair console and let it detect the OS and try it from there. I believe the SP is atleast SP2 maybe SP3 because I always set the updates to download and install auto...

    I appreciate your help and will let you know how it goes...


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