Windows Xp problems [Major Problem]

By Alliance1911
Jun 24, 2006
  1. Ok, i accidently deleted some files from C:\ and when i restarted i got this ntldr missing, than i try and do os repair with the cd and copy the files from flash drive to C:\ but first it asks for admin password which i dont remember cause i had 2 seperate accounts on there. than i get my older 40gb western digital drive and install windows xp pro sp2 on the old WD drive, i am running it now i than on my crashes drive made it slave and put the jumper cable like the 4th slot to the right anyway i booted up and the os found new hardware the crashed drive anyway i open my computer and i see E:\ and i am feeling so hapy and when i click on it i get "The disk in drive E is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" and i got alot of data on there which i need and i dont wanna format it, what can i do??????? and for some reason i right click on the drive and chose properties and it says used space: 0bytes free space: 0 bytes !!!
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    you cannot have two hard disks on the same system with the same os.
    The computer will find a boot sector on both drives.

    Get an USB to IDE adapter for $20 and retrieve your data from another computer using the crash hd as an external drive.

    You will probably need to reformat and reload the OS.

    ALWAYS back up. Once you have retrieved your data, format a second drive after restoring your original and use the second hard disk to back up to.
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