Windows XP RAM management help

By Tkmlinus
Apr 4, 2004
  1. Currently on startup I use 131 mb of RAM, then when I open up Internet Explorer the RAM usage jumps to about 185 MB of RAM, then when I close Internet Explorer I do not get the used RAM back the usage just sits at 185 mb. When I look through the running processes on my task manager there is nothing new opened that uses 50MB of memory. The only way to get the missing RAM back is to restart, so could any of you guys please help me out and tell me whats going on? Thanks
  2. Rick

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    This is normal, from what I understand.

    When you open programs, the necesary data is loaded into memory. Windows will keep some of these items in memory so when you reload the program or continue using it.. It feels faster.

    This memory should be unloaded as needed when Windows needs more memory.
  3. OS samurai

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