Windows XP restarts immediatley after boot

By volatile001
Jan 14, 2009
  1. Okay.. the problem I am having with my PC is that when I turn it on it gets all the way to the desktop, hangs there for a minute or so (I have seen it last up to 10 minutes) and then restarts itself. After it's done this a few times I hit F8 and try to get it into Safe Mode. Occasionally it lets me in but most of the time it hangs on mup.sys and won't do anything after that.

    This problem originally started after my CD drive died and I replaced it. Since then I have removed the CD drive altogether and the problem is ongoing.

    EDIT: Managed to get it on temporarily and encountered this error while trying to play World of Warcraft:

    This application has encountered a critical error:

    ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception
    Program: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 001B:007196B4

    The instruction at "0x007196B4" referenced memory at "0x00000212".
    The memory could not be "read".

    Any ideas?
  2. CCT

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  3. volatile001

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    I tried that before I removed the CD Drive and the problem continued. Once I manage to get it on it seems fine, it just takes six or seven attempts to actually get it working and it's really starting to annoy me :rolleyes:
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    If you have more than one stick of ram, cycle them.

    All but 1 out, start, run - if OK, set aside and do the next.

    Discharge static and take other normal precautions before removing the side case.
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