Windows XP Shutting Down Error

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Jul 7, 2005
  1. Hello all!

    I have a Gericom Ego laptop which was working fine until recently when i shut down windows xp, an error popped up just as the laptop was switching off (giving an error such as nova...something or nava...something)

    When i try to turn on the laptop, the power light comes on, as well as the fan, the cd drive, etc. However, Windows XP does not load, and the laptop screen is just black. Everything i try to get it loading again usually fails, although it does load up very occasionally.

    I am planning to reinstall Windows XP as i think that is the cause of the problem but i have to wait until i can get the laptop loading properly again. Can anybody give me suggestions of what they think the problem might be, and how i may be able to get the laptop loading windows xp again??

    Thanks in advance,
  2. IronDuke

    IronDuke TS Rookie Posts: 856

    Might you be running Norton AV?
  3. robbiejlove

    robbiejlove TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes, i was running Norton AV.
  4. IronDuke

    IronDuke TS Rookie Posts: 856

  5. robbiejlove

    robbiejlove TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I checked that thread but it doesn't solve my problem. My laptop will power up, but will not even attempt to load the OS, leaving just a black screen. Very occasionally it does load, but recently it just won't. I need to get the OS loading again so i can reinstall Windows XP, but i cant get that far because the screen is just black and does not attempt to load the OS.

    Can anybody help me how to get the OS loading again, please?
  6. robbiejlove

    robbiejlove TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Can anybody help?
  7. ChrisToner

    ChrisToner TS Rookie

    Try resetting


    I also have a Gericom Ego and have found that the following procedure usually gets me out of most problems - may not work if it is truly a windows problem but give it a try ..
    Switch off laptop.
    Remove battery.
    Leave for about 30 mins - may not need to be this long
    Switch on without battery.
    See if it boots
    Put the battery back in.

    Give that a try and good luck!
  8. STRANGE HOW ALL THESE OFF THE TYPES OF PROBLEMS SEEM TO CONJUGATE (is that a word) at the same time >>sorry for caps above

    hello robbiejlove(wonder how he got that name)

    First off and formost I'm not a mod
    so don't disregaurd what they tell you
    in the end there the ones that solve the problems

    I have a northstar a900i(actually a friends)
    I'm curious--- when you say straight to black ,is there no splash at all
    (the xp logo) and when tried in safe mode what happens?

    And I,m sure someone would have got to this soon , but can you get in the bios

    on the laptop i am working on it shows logo and then goes straight to black screen even with an ext monitor
    safemode you can see the word SAFEMODE in all corners in white ,rest is black
    also i get to the bios which is perfect with blue background

    oh try one more thing slip your xp cd in (you dont have to install it) just let it go until the blue recovery scren at that time you can cancell out....
    of course youll have to have the bios setup to boot cd first

    **anybody know what fkey to bring up boot menu i think f9 but not sure***

    on the one i have it wont do any of that
    boot from cd i say yes and it says configuring files for setup?
    or something and then it goes to load the first device driver and it reboots

    let me know it could possably benifet both of us

    I myself would try the suggested battary fix, but laptop is running on ps only (can't even find battary)

  9. robbiejlove

    robbiejlove TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Cheers CiaranToner,

    I have tried that but no luck. I tried booting without the hard disk drive but with no avail. I would like the chance to try to boot without the ram but in order to do so i would have to void the warranty. Whats the chances the laptop would go to the bios screen without the battery, hard disk drive and ram on the laptop?
  10. SORRY bro
    i actually posted two daysago butmy system fried
    just realized itnever posted

    i would call your warrantypeople and ask if you could play with the memory
    or even have them walk you through it if there that worried
    remember(if you truley act with the-- bumed out, depressed,the worlds coming to an end,desperate,pleaing for help--- type of attitude it will get you farther then um..) let's just say tech support is told to hang up if the feel a bad attitude)

    by the way still dont know why but a fresh install on my bro's a900
    fixed the black screen

  11. cus

    cus TS Rookie

    has this problem being solved?? as this is happening to my laptop aswell.
    its also a gericom ego.
    sorry for opening an old topic
  12. yes i to would be interested!! um a robbiejlove? your on.
  13. cus

    cus TS Rookie

    the guy messaged me, and he never managed to get it repaired. returned it to the suppliers.

    its ridiculous! it just stopped working for no apparent reason!!
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