Windows7 64-bit with FSX

By bazofstour
Feb 23, 2011
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  1. I am about to order a new computer with 64 bit cababilities:-

    AMD Athlon X 4core 635 4000MT 2Mb
    Mbd- Asus M4a87td/usb3- AMD870chipset
    4Gb RAM
    Graphics- 768mb Nvidia Geforce GTX460

    The primary use is to run MS FSX deluxe version, suitable on the box it came in, for windows7.

    I would like to have WIN 7 64 bit running, but cannot find any confirmation that FSX would run with win7 64bit.Some people say it might(not good enough), and some people have issues, Anyone able to give positive accurate advise please?
    Am I wasting money with this hardware if I have to run win 7 32bit?

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