winsupdater problem( I think)

By jaspie
Oct 22, 2005
  1. hello everyone I am new to this forum and I came here because some problem with my windows ofcource. This problem is that I can´t use my ctrl+alt+del en my pc had become quite slow when a start a program. Also when turn my pc off I get the message that winsupdater.exe can´t turned out( sorry for my bad english). I don´t know what I can do to get lost of this problem. I used my norton 2003 but couldn´t find any virus. Maybe anyone can help me out.

    thank you in advanced
  2. StormBringer

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    Not being able to get taskman when you use CTRL+ALT+DEL should have been a tip off that something is fishy. Usually virii initially perform several default actions(in addition to whatever their primary function is) These tasks include disabling task manager, msconfig, and attempt to disable or otherwise evade your AV(especially Norton and Mcaffee because of their popularity)

    winsupdater.exe is a process which is registered as the W32.Ahlem.A@mm worm. This virus is distributed via the Internet through e-mail and comes in the form of an e-mail message, in the hopes that you open it’s hostile attachment. The worm has it’s own SMTP engine which means it gathers E-mails from your local computer and re-distributes itself. In worst cases this worm can allow attackers to access your computer, stealing passwords and personal data. It is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately.
  3. jaspie

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    oh hell :dead: , and how can I remove this? Format my whole pc?
  4. Tedster

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