WinXp asks to format E when I click on it

By Green Beret
Jul 1, 2008
  1. Hey Guys;

    I have Dell 1525 inspiration with Win Vista ;

    I have three drives ( C,D,E) , all my files in E.

    I put Win Xp Sp2 and made a boot from it.

    I delete drives C and D to make them with new sizes . I didn't touch E. After that, I installed Win Xp Sp2 on C . When I finished . I went to check my files in E, I shocked :dead: when I saw a small window asks me to make a format for E before accessing it .

    What shall I do ? My files in E , my works , my life stages , my degrees , ..etc

    How can I took them before making format for E?

    I know there are a Recovery programs , but they are not very well sometimes , I can't make an adventure with my files to do format to E before taking my files.

    I appreciate any help.

  2. gbhall

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    Fairly obvious questions. With a C; D : E: you then deleted C: D: (how ?). Then installed XP on a new C: which unless instructed otherwise, would have used all the available space to create a new C:. So what about D: ? Well unless you actually created D: using some software such as FDISK or more comprehensive things, what was E: is now called drive D: and you have no E: at all (unless it is a CD/DVD), so references in the registry to E: dont have anywhere to go....

    Learn something about backups before you do anything you dont understand properly whist having all your 'life works' at risk.
  3. Green Beret

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    When you boot from Win Xp . Such when the drives list came up on the screen , you can see some choice on task bar , delete drive. I did that I deleted C and D and I made them again with specific capacity for each of C and D.

    just move up and down on drive C , will see delete drive camp up on the task bar.and when you delete you'll see Create drive and you can specify the capacity.

    I already have E in my computer. I didn't do anything for it .So, I completed the steps of installing window .After that, I went to E and double click on it , the new window came up on screen as follows :

    The Disk in drive E is not formatted. do you want to format it now ?

    I didn't do anything and I'm not gonna do anything ...

    I can't loose my life work's end of my life.
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