Wired internet connection periodically drops out - using DrayTek router


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I am having problems with my internet connection periodically dropping out, and for no obvious reason. If I leave the PC for a period of time then return to it, the internet connection has dropped, and neither Chrome nor IE browser can access the web.

Each time this happens I use the IE option "Diagnose Connection Problems"; Windows runs the diagnostics check, tells me to turn the router off and on again and wait three minutes, then press "Continue". Within minutes it gives me the message "Internet connectivity has been restored", and I am online again.

The last few times this has happened, I have received a screen from my Zone Alarm free firewall, saying a new network has been detected. I have attached a screen grab to show this - could the problem be with my firewall as well as my router?

A friend suggested I go into Device Manage, Network Adapters section, and untick the box labelled "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" under the Power Management tab. Although it looked promising for a few hours, this hasn’t fixed the problem.

The broadband is with Eclipse - my employer provides broadband to my home address to enable me to work from home, so I may be limited in what control I have over the router settings. They have provided a DrayTek router, model "Vigor 2710n", and I connect using an ethernet cable. I also use the wireless function of the router to connect with my work laptop when working from home, and I don't seem to have the same problem.

I read elsewhere that using P2P software can affect routers in this way. I do have uTorrent on my own desktop, so could this be a factor?

Hope someone can help me - I am happy to provide scan logs or any other info.

Thanks very much


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Look for interference sources. Be sure none of the equipment is within 10 inches of any surface such as a wall, and is 12 inches or more from any corner... or heat source... or electrical fan or special lighting.

Some TV or video screens can also have an influence if within 20 inches.

Didn't see your screen grab.

Can we assume you have attempted to uninstall, then install to a different setting?