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By Vudew
May 9, 2007
  1. Hi,
    We currently have a wireless connection set up for our customers to use in our lounge while they wait, but i was wondering how i can set it up so that when they connect it automatically directs them to our website. Or would this option be dependent apon the type of wireless router we have? Thanks.
  2. gavilan

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    What you are talking about is somewhat complicated as it would involve setting up your own dns server on your network. The DNS server would redirect all incoming traffic to your company website, which if you want could act as a portal to connect to the rest of the network.

    Some companies probably make routers designed specifically for this, but i've never really researched it. You could do it with an ordinary wifi access point and a server if you wanted to, which would be cheaper hardware wise but you would still have to set it all up which could get complex.
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  4. Vudew

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    Hrm, okay, thank you both for your help, seems it would be more trouble then its worth to setup. oh well, was a thought!
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