Wireless connectivity problems

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Mar 21, 2007
  1. hi guys

    can someone please help me i was following a thread called limited or no connectivity and someone told people to rever back to windows sp1 to relive problems of bringing back wireless connectivity. now i have done that and now i still can't get back to me getting on wireless.

    can someone please help
  2. tipstir

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    No you're better off with SP2 for XP don't use SP1..

    Can you tell us more about what you're dealing with?

    1. Do you have a Router?
    2. Who makes the Router?
    3. How many PCs can't connect or can connect to wireless?
  3. matthew19

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    i have a router the make of it is linksys and there is only one a laptop that can connecto to wireless or no connectivity on it
  4. jobeard

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    fyi: it is extremely rare that a communications problem is resident in one version
    of software but not in another. EG: many people had problems with SP2 and
    declared "THE SKY IS FALLING" -- roll back to SP1!

    However, by examining the facts, the new firewall defaults were deployed and
    until they were setup properly, it appeared that SP2 had networking problems.

    'limited or no connectivity' is ALWAYS an issue of TCP connectivity, not SPx, SPy, or even SPz.

    Suggest you start here

    oh yea -- get SP2 -- live long an prosper.
  5. tipstir

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    Emergency Wireless Connections Help

    So let's get this straight you have a Router and it's wireless? Right the Router has to be Wireless otherwise this won't work. Connect the laptop to the Router using a wired method which you should have CAT 5 ethernet cable. Now can you connect to the Router and get on the internet that way? If yes then that's one problem solved. Next the wireless should be enabled and it should also should be set to Obtain IP address Automatically. If you still can't get and IP or connect wirelessly. Then you have to do this:

    1. click on start
    2. click on control panel
    3. click on network connections
    4. Click on and hightlight Internet Protcol TCP/IP
    5. Click on Properties
    6. Check the circle for Use the following IP Address
    7. Depending how what you have like
    8. Add a subnet mask should match what you have in your router
    9. Default Gateway is your Router IP
    10. Click the circle for Use the following for DNS Server which wouild be your Router IP
    11. Click Apply then okay

    This will work.. But Only do this if the Router doesn't assign IP address to the Wireless Card you have or in your case the built-in wireless device. If this doesn't work then the internet wireless device is DOA (gone bad) Also make sure that the Router is working and you have DHCP enabled. Make sure that the SP2 Firewall isn't enabled too..
  6. jobeard

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    All of the instructions are great -- except the firewall has nothing to do with
    it, especially the lame MS Firewall. I connect to many hotspots with a very
    restrictive FW all the time and highly recommend any firewall is better than none at all
  7. mr. sparkle

    mr. sparkle TS Rookie

    Also another problem which can generate this error is if you are using third party software for connecting to a wireless network and also running windows own version.

    Oh and also an IP conflict will cause this (but it will tell you this in the error msg)
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