Software Wireless devices connect but no internet, wired connections work fine

Karl Schnarel

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Recently, we have been having issues with the wireless connection for mobile devices. They connect to the router but have issues connecting to the internet and will occasionally connect from time to time in short intervals before not being able to use the internet again. A wired/ethernet connection has no issues what so ever and I don't have issues broadcasting or connecting to the network itself.

Cycloid Torus

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Power down everything involved. Blow dust out. Disconnect & reconnect everything. Power up and try to reconnect. Check for firmware updates and drivers, especially router. It might be radio in router - but before spending $$, try traceroute both wired and wireless and compare.

jobeard probably has better thoughts.

Karl Schnarel

TS Rookie
Already attempted a full reboot of everything, no luck and still having the issue. The wired connection has no issues so I suspected it might be the radio but wouldn't that affect the SSID broadcasting as well?


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If it is all devices then I would suspect the router signal. If rebooting doesn't help then replacing may be the only solution. Especially if everything was working at a previous date.

One thing I would consider trying before replacing equipment is a full reset. Some devices has a reset button on the back to default the device to factory settings. There may be options within the devices software to do the same.

Karl Schnarel

TS Rookie
Thank you, all of the software is up to date and the drivers are fine if the issue persists today ill assume its the radio and replace it.


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Disconnect the wired internet and be sure the WiFi device is enabled.

1) can you find your SSID? If so, tell the network to FORGET this network and then attempt another effort to connect

2) if not, load another copy of the WiFi driver and repeat (1)