Wireless Internet won't connect

By hazer07
Nov 10, 2008
  1. I am using a dell inspiron 1520 laptop running windows vista OS it has built in wireless capabilities but the laptop wont connect to the inernet for some strange reason ive tryed disconnected and reconnecting multiple times it worked the 1st time and never again ive looked at my network settings to see if anythings wrong but it all seems fine. I am using a linksys wrtg router if that helps. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... i didnt knwo what forum to post in so i posted in 2 sorry
  2. zpfield

    zpfield TS Rookie

    Hi. I had a similar problem with my netgear router after I installed a wireless card. Have you tried turning off the security key and logging on without it?
    If this works then you may have typed the wrong WPA key when you set it up. The WPA key is often printed on the router and must be entered into the wireless security setup exactly as it appears (make sure you get your 0's and O's right!)
    If you have an ethernet cable (looks like a normal telephone cable, but a bit thicker and often yellow) use that to connect to the router and see if that works.
    Try running the wireless connections diagnostics or repairing the connection from the network connections section in the control panel and see if that gives you any ideas.
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