Wireless Modem Problem?

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Jan 21, 2008
  1. I have a belking wireless g+ 802.11g(sorry im a noob so i dont really know what i'm talking about) and there is a quest modem (again, noob here) hooked up to my extremely old desktop and i was hoping i could get wireless internet through that modem but the wireless indicator light is not on and i was thinking that had something to do with it. The network also doesn't appear in the list of avalable networks. can anyone tell mehow i can enable wifi through that modem or what can buy to get internet at my house. thanks in advance!
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    1. It's not called a wireless modem. It's referred to as WIFI

    2. You must install drivers for your wifi device

    3. In order get wifi, you must either mooch a signal off an unprotected neighbor's network, or use your own which you must pay for.

    4. If there are no free or unencrypted signals, you cannot get internet unless you pay for broadband service and hook it up to a wireless router.
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    well the modem is connected to the internet and is being payed for, the problem is just connecting to it. For a while now i have been using my neighbors connection but lately there is so little signal i can even connect at all, and others which i can connect to are password protected (which i wish i had a way to crack their passwords). The modem has 6 lights, DSL, internet, ethernet, wireless, and power. i cant remember the 6th. the wireless light has never been on and currently only the internet, DSl and power lights are on. and the DSL light is only blinking. quest support said that might be a problem. this problem is preventing me from accessing the internet on that computer. do you have any solutions? you said somehting about installing drivers? what drivers and do you mean for the desktop with the modem?
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    belkin wireless g+ 802.11g is a MIMO class WiFi router
    it would set on the network like this
    Modem--Belkin---Wired Systems
                + ..... WiFi wireless connections
    First get the wired connections working.

    Then access the router config page ( and login
    From there you can Enable the WiFi radio, set a new SSID and channel.
    Also change the Admin Password. Save and restart the router.

    Now your wireless system can use the Network Wireless Wizard to define the
    new connection.

    Once wireless is working, use the wired connection to enable encryption and
    setup WPA or WPA2 access key (phrase) and save/restart it again.
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    ok ok now i am getting confused sorry :(. here is my whole situation.
    dell inspiron 2650
    belkin 802.11g mimo notebook card
    trying to connect to:
    gateway DSL modem /w internet access
    windows 98(why i dont use that computer, its soooo old!)
    I want to know how i can connect to this modem freom my notebook card and everything that i will need.
    if it is possible, can i have a step by step process to connecting?
    let me know if there is any information missing. THANKS!
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    1. Your inspiron 2650 comes with network connector so you can still have a hardwired connection to the internet
    2. The inspiron also has a Belkin notebook card which enables it to connect over a wireless signal (assuming it can pick up a strong enough signal) which means
      • Mooch off of someone else's signal (like a neighbor) assuming it is strong enough and it's not encrypted/protected where you must also know the key which allows you to connect
      • Provide your own wireless gateway. On the one side, it connects via a hardware connection to your internet service. Your wireless gateway also provides your own wireless signal for your notebook (It will also provide its own hardwire connectors to allow hardwired connections as well)
        In this case you are providing your own hardware to broadcast the wireless signal to be picked up on the belkin notebook card. (You should encrypt your wireless signal to protect against "moochers" who may have evil reasons for mooching!)
    You say you have a "gateway DSL modem w/internet access" which i'm guessing is a DSL modem connected to your internet provider. It would also have a network connector on it. But it doesn't broadcast a wireless signal. So to provide internet access to your notebook you can:
    • Have wired internet access. Run a network cable from the gateway DSL modem to network connector on notebook.
    • Buy a wireless router which connects to the gateway DSL modem (you have TWO devices: DSL modem + wireless router). Then you can configure the notebook to pick up your own wireless signal.
    • Buy a wireless gateway that can provide both the DSL modem function as well as wireless broadcast (Pretty much equivalent to above but you only have ONE hardware device rather then needing the TWO devices)
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