Wireless network connection problem

By Oliver H
Dec 21, 2005
  1. I have set up a wirless network with 1 PC (ethernet to router) and 2 laptops. One laptop detects the network and connects without any problem (wireless USB card). The other laptop (built in wireless/Centrino) detects the network but tries and fails to connect. It is possible to connect using an ethernet connection to the router.

    I notice that in the 'View available wireless networks' window, a previous peer-to-peer network is still reported as being present, although the wireless connection from the PC has been disabled and it is not stated as being available on the other Laptop, which connects ok.

    I am wondering is there a reference to the peer-to-peer network still present in this laptop, which is conflicting with the new network. If so, where can these settings be accessed.
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    You can click on Advanced Settings, then the Wireless Networks tab, and configure your new network in there. Just click on Add.

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