Wireless networking signal strength

Apr 19, 2005
  1. Does it matter what strength the WiFi signal is at as long as I'm connected? If I have a low signal, that doesn't mean I'll get packet loss or higher latencies does it? The reason I ask is because my signal fluctuates between low and good and very good. I particularly notice that the signal stays listed as low when the connection is constantly running like when I'm downloading something. Thanks in advance for the info.
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    You could try changing the channel it is running on. That might help, but not certain. And I think with low signal strength you will get dropped packets, because it isn't always in constant connection with the router. But I have just moved into the wireless scene, so someone else might give you a better answer.
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    Usually there is a threshold at which the connection is "good". Such as 30% or so. Otherwise the connection could drop, or you may have 'some' packet loss.

    So when the connection is low, I would guess that you might get packet loss, even though it stays connected. After all, if the signal is weak, you can imagine some data will be mixed up.

    I'm sure there is a program, and someone help me with this, that can monitor your connection and give you an idea of lost packets. This would be the easiest way to see what the connection is doing. A quick Google search found one called Ping Plotter, http://www.pingplotter.com/features.html, which has freeware and shareware versions.

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    Well I downloaded the Hyper WRT firmware and it let me increase my antenna power output by 100%. Apparently the Linksys default set the antenna power to 50% so I just bumped it up to 100%. Now my signal fluctuates between Good and Very Good. The signal percentage is a little above 60% and stays there.
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