World of Warcraft FPS increase

By Silent54
Jul 10, 2006
  1. My FPS within WoW regions varies from 20 - 60+ depending on region and the amount of players there. My main concern is end game instances, which I generally achieve in 40 man raids between 5 - 25 fps. Most times it the lower end. I have turned every setting down and made tweaks to my Vid card without much success. My lower FPS does occur when I have decent Lat but obviuosly goes down the toilet with bad Lat. Below is my current hardware. If there is anything I can do to help me out that would be great.

    2.80 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
    16 kilobyte primary memory cache
    1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache

    Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. 8IPE1000-G/L x.x
    Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
    FB: 800 megahertz

    Corsair - TWINX1024-3200C2PT x 2 = 2048MB
    Freq: 400 mhz

    Vid Card -
    Graphics Chipset RADEON X1600 Series
    Current Bus Setting AGP 8X
    Memory Size 512 MB
    Memory Type DDR2
    CATALYST® Version 06.6

    Windows: Windows XP Home

    * The Radeon card is a upgrade from a GeForce FX 5900 256Mb.
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