World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Review

By Julio Franco ยท 24 replies
Oct 26, 2012
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  1. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,073   +219

    Not one mention of battle grounds in the review, how are the new battlegrounds? How is the new raid content? Terrible review. Level 90 is about raids and pvp, the reviewer says I like to group with friends and quest, yeah thats not something you do at max level.

    I don't like wow anymore but what a bad review.
  2. Yes, poor review indeed. They test a small part of the end game experience with questing, and then complain there isn't enough to keep you playing. As someone who plays WoW (and someone who certainly doesn't expect everyone to like it), there is just so much wrong with this review it's infuriating.

    Seriously, if you're considering whether or not to buy this game, DO NOT use this review in determining your choice. There are many, many better and more detailed reviews out there that give you a much better idea of how this new expansion feels and plays out.
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  3. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,377   +286

    I no longer play the game but for new comers its definitely worth trying out at least. The review was rather appalling.
  4. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 1,936   +1,101

    The review seemed quite bitter, something I pickup from many Vanilla WoW gamers who miss 'the good o'l days'. Well those days are over and WoW had many more problems then it does now. And then you talk about its age like its supposed to evolve and shock us in 2012 with a game engine from 2005?
    Most people I've talked to who have atleast 6000 achievement points and several years of WoW playtime have mostly good things to say about this expansion. Blizzard couldn't top themselves with the Lich King and Cataclysm was the end of an Era, I like an expansion that doesn't try to outdo the last.
    Although I just skimmed over it, I won't be taking much from this seemingly picky review. Just enjoy the game for what it is, 10/25 man raids still present a challenge and 5 man dungeon's are still fun as well.
  5. TitoBXNY

    TitoBXNY TS Addict Posts: 236   +50

    Having played WoW since day one I can honestly say that I completely disagree with this review. The reviewer touches on points that we have all ready heard one thousand times. Fetch quests, old graphics, crafting etc. I left WoW after Cataclysm because I just needed a break from the game. WoW is like an old girlfriend that you keep going back to even after you know it's been over for a while. The review is extremely negative and misleading for the most part. I re-activated my account after a year and half hiatus and can honestly say that so far this expansion has met or exceeded my expectation. The new area is quite beautiful and Blizzard continues to squeeze whatever juice they have left in their old engine. The end result is quite beautiful indeed. The fetching quests are part of just about every MMO, it's called progression. Yes, some of the quests are re-hashes of old WoW, especially the kill five spiders or get me three logs. Guess what? Guild Wars 2, the WoW killer has them too, so did SWOR and every other MMO out there. In the past we where so focused on getting to the level cap that most people didn't bother with the story. The actual story progression is very decent so far and in some cases pretty funny. The reviewer forgets that WoW has evolved and Vanilla WoW was long ago, If the game was that bad, there wouldn't be so many people playing it. If the value meets or exceeds, the customer will always buy, seems that WoW is still relevant. The review is very poor and doesn't really say anything that we don't already know. I recommend that you try it and judge it yourself.
  6. My father & I (I'm in my 20's) played for a good 2-3 years or so. I'll agree that higher levels is MUCH more about perfecting your armour among rewards from battlegrounds & raids. With that said, you didn't say much at all about the change for higher-levels.

    Harsh advice - you BOTH need to go read A LOT more reviews on MMO's and games alike to gain a skill that talks more about specific content...not wasting paragraphs on being overly dramatic with your description of a party, or how bad your addition was that you played for 7 years. I'm not trying to hate here, but I feel if you're going to want people to read your reviews, you should hone in on your own style of writing. There's no doubt that the both of you can write, just not in the style people are expecting.

    My BEEF is that they are raking in millions (You mention a solid 10mil loyal player base...times $15 a month = You can easily afford to crank out better game updates) Change more, to lure in more. This company has gotten fat & greedy, not to mention the graphics are slowly looking horrible compared to some MMO's based off sharper new engines.
  7. If you're not a raider and not a pvp-er, then you shouldn't be writing reviews sorry.
  8. TorturedChaos

    TorturedChaos TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 839   +29

    From my experience with end game WotLK and Cata, I agree with the reviewers. I got bored with end game on WotLK and quit for a couple months until Cata came out. My friends talked me back into playing, so I bought Cata, played for a few months and got bored again. I don't think Pandaria will have enough to draw me back into the game. The reviewers summed up my experiences with the last two expansions very nicely, so I don't have a lot of faith in this expansion.
  9. What a horrible review! it seems like you gave it a negative review when you basically skimmed through the game for a few hours and your just plain bitter about the game in general. I don't mind you giving a negative review not every one can like the same game. But review it after more then a few hours of careless game play, it seems you have barely scratched the surface and gave it a thumbs down.
  10. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +67

    As an ex player who loved vanilla and played until halfway through burning crusade (over 110 days realtime played on my main character), end game raiding, pvp etc etc, I have returned to woltk late and hit 80 then quit, then cataclysm to hit 85 and quit. Even with all my experience and feelings of "its not like the good old days, 40 man raids etc etc", I can see thats a terribly poor review. You played 2 levels of 85 then logged in someone elses character at lvl 90? Thats really going to mimic the attachment and emotion of reaching top level again with your character and begin item hunting, pvp and raiding. With the new raid finder and dungeon finder its not like the raiding is inaccessible to players outside of the larger guilds - I imagine some of that might be "entertaining".

    Very poor review and not worth wasting the webspace.
  11. ViperGtx

    ViperGtx TS Rookie

    He got farther than I did. I pre ordered MoP with high hopes, made my 1st panda a day after launch and I got 3 quest into it, logged out and deleted that character. The fact that the panda looks like a big fat hippo playing hopscotch while running got old fast. I started WoW two weeks after its inital launch which were in fact good times. Blizzard has lost its roots with DND over the years though, which shows with the new expertise system. Some people may enjoy it, but after observing my Realid friends list while playing SC2, numbers are slowly but surely dropping as to how many people are playing. I heard the new end game raid content is nice, but if thats what is worth it for you to pay 15$ a month, have at it.
  12. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,890   +1,224

    WoW is stuck in a tough spot... they have the means and ability to cater to a very loyal, high-skill group of players. Unfortunately, there aren't enough serious players to pay the bills (or keep the economy going in the game)

    So they cater to the casuals too, and do their best to make the game attractive to new players. Yes it can feel like you're late to a party, but there are many guilds for new players and many people who want to help (and many who don't). My server had a guy named Answerman who would sit around in the city and offer to answer new players' questions.

    WoW is so big and has so much to do that here we have a review of the end-game from someone who doesn't pvp (play against other players) or raid (clear the dungeons with friends), that's like saying baseball is boring, but you didnt' hit or field.

    It's gotten so big that it's more of a hobby than a single game. Just like you couldn't start working on cars or playing golf and be good (or know everything) right away, you'll need to play WoW for a few months before you learn the lingo and tricks to play. Doesn't mean it's boring, but you have to go into with the right expectation...
  13. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Topic Starter Posts: 7,673   +988

    As you guys know this is a Kotaku review (we exchange hardware articles for their gaming perspective, which I believe to be a big win-win), anyhow, I noticed some of the same backlash on their site from people who have been long-time WoW players and especially from those who enjoy raiding.

    My comment here is that I purposely picked this review to hear your feedback on Mists of Pandaria, and to see how it contrasted with the reviewers' opinion.
  14. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 1,936   +1,101

    World of Warcraft is a game that cannot be judged by a single expansion play through or sample with someone's 85. Your missing the point entirely.
    Seeing your player progress, grow old with you and achieve great things over time, through several patches, through the ups and downs, for several years, is what makes WoW the great game that it is. The reward is there. Hardcore PvP's get nasty **** like the Brutal Netherdrake.:D. Raiders get shots at rare drops, items and mounts.

    And you can buy cool things like this,
    a FigurePrint of my Draenei Mage. [​IMG]
    I need to get real pics of it soon.
    This toon's name has changed.:)
  15. Per Hansson

    Per Hansson TS Server Guru Posts: 1,959   +217

    I agree with much of what has already been posted, especially the review for the "starter character" was really poor.
    But I can also understand how the game can have become "too big" for new players.
    It's one thing to experience the world before any expansions where made, and an entirely different thing today...

    I also have had similar experiences that some other commenters describe, the game was fun in the beginning. I would eventually get bored and stop playing but bought the expansions when they where released. Though for each expansion I got bored of the game quicker each time and stopped playing again.
    I don't see myself ever playing the game now that the Pandarian expansion has been released because to me the whole race is just a big joke! (To each his own of course)

    Are you at risk of a relapse Julio? :D
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  16. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Topic Starter Posts: 7,673   +988

    Not at all, WoW is over for me :)
    Hopefully that will also apply to any grinding-based game in the near future.
  17. gingerbill

    gingerbill TS Addict Posts: 233   +59

    I'm bored with WOW type MMO's completely and won't even think of buying this new data disk . But I had many great years playing it before I left . I have to agree with everyone else that this review is not very good . There's no point getting someone who hates MMO's to review an MMO.
  18. Vaskle

    Vaskle TS Rookie

    This review isnt very accurate. I've played since BC came out and I am not disappointed with MoP. Everyone knows that Cata was horrible and WotLK was decent. WotLK was my favorite expansion to raid and quest. MoP shows that promise.

    This review poorly explains questing as well. Every quest in every MMO is the same, Kill this, collect this, use this, etc. One thing I've seen WoW do is include vehicles and different methods to complete them. Even Skyrim (a console game) has the same types of questing.

    When it comes down to it, Its your call. Play the game. If you like it, join the community, if not, play something else. If enough people quit, we will see a repeat of what happened with Everquest. When they start merging the servers, then this review is relevant.
  19. Lame review honestly... at first I was like oh emo dude doing a WoW review lol and almost left but kept reading and I was like ?! 7 years and no rading or pvping and after that I LoL`d at this reviewer...
    my honest thought about WoW is that it died already... I came in to the game at late BC starting of LK and played it like an addict for days straight without doing anything else but play WoW lol yeah really sick... still I loved to kick *** on PvP and hated the high demand of experience that PvE had, I still did most of the good PvE runs but PvP is what kept me paying for the game...
    But now pandaria :O wtf did they do to game?! did the noobs like it?! yeah probably cause it looks new and a lil bit better on detailed stuff but still same engine, but honestly they just changed alot of stuff so that people stop getting bored, like always they needed to control the game around so that people started to like it again...
    Why do I sayd that ?! ... lol I changed from server to server alot cause community started to die, no one likes to pay a fee for many years and see that what you learned to master is no more and also that theres no people on that gives you a challenge, there may be some cool features and some new stuff that could be fun for a while and for new players ofcourse, but WoW died for many people when Blizzard sayd.. we launching Pandaria
    gg blizzard lol
  20. Ok, I don't play WoW anymore.. I have lead three guilds in the past 1 through each of the first 3 games of WoW....I loved LOVED vanilla...LOVED TBC even more....absolutely hated WOTLK and I didn't even bother with the rest of them. My guilds were very successfull, downing the big names and doing the sides and all that....but before I give my ultimate complaint let's review:

    Vanilla WoW:
    - First of its kind
    - LOTS to do, and 40 man raids? INSANE! (in a good way) you had to work to achieve success and if you didn't you failed, that simple. It gave purpose to WoW having 1023984034 subcribers and kept the *****s (the morons that can't stay out of fire) the hell out of raids they didn't belong in.

    everything from the first paragraph and more...a LOT more...themed dungeons from the beloved blizzard RTS games, and the dungeons weren't so was either "get 10 or 25 people based on the dungeon and do it or don't" ..."you want to raid illidan? there is no option..get 25 and get it done"...that simple...

    Outland was phenomenal and I thoroughly enjoyed questing and raiding there.

    and finally the crap hits the fan...4 different versions of the exact same instance? (10 N/H..25N/H) the differences? harder mechanics and if you succeed you get a gem slotted item that apparently can overtake the necessity of progression.
    The dungeons were so poorly thought out that they all looked identical once inside (mainly ICC) the mechanics were so flawed they had to nerf the dungeon to give massive buffs so people could progress through them.
    funny that I was able to grind out heroic 5 mans and after a month or less have armour sufficient enough to raid the highest level dungeons.
    I am sure glad I got this group together to kill this top tier boss simply so that I could pass on an item that is actually worse than what the vendor gave me...
    Mounts were lame
    all armor and all characters looked absolutely 100% identical if they progressed.
    Blizzard doesn't care.
    influx of noobs/drama kids/and just flat out jerks.

    After downing Arthas in 25 man (which I thoguht was one of the most pointless and poorly thought out fights WoW has ever had) I immediately realized one thing....
    Blizzard..Sold...Out...$15/month x 10,000,000 do the math per month...why should they care? They know that no matter what they do to this game people will still pay the money because they are addicted to it. Some people go so far as to use it as an escape from reality. The inter-realm queue is stupid, the dungeons have just gotten retarded...and honestly when you allow people to kill the main antagonist of the series what difference does deathwing make to me? and Pandas? yeah now I can kill this Titan dragon with 10 misfits and beat on his hand for a few minutes until the dragons come and save me....I particularly love how pointless things have gotten in we can become pandas!...and wearwolves!....GOBLINS!........a tauren paladin......uh know people actually have 4-6 characters maxed out as a just in case...and the dual talent spec is ruining it too because now you no longer need to worry about finding another player and incorporating them lol. Why the hell would I want to do the exact same dungeon for any reason? "oh this gives you better loot though"........uh huh.....I loved seeing a lvl 70 DK solo OS 10.....great job blizzard...great job.
  21. Piscesyin

    Piscesyin TS Rookie

    Yes, I still play WoW and happen to love it. Been playing for about 5 years and although I have a few complaints and agree with SOME of this review (the quest repeats, etc), the reviewer (Kate Cox) also failed to mention some of the really awesome NEW dungeons (and yes...battlegrounds). The new dungeons are funky and challenging with frustrating (in a good way) moments. Very fun! I do PvP though with this new expansion, the PvE has been lots of fun. I especially enjoy the more challenging quests and dungeons with my 85s and 90s including the extra awesome new armor. I do wish there were more options available for toons lower than 85 in the new content. The panda thing is....weird. As a Horde toon, "the Horde is NOT CUTE" though I will say that most everything about the new expansion is cute. I kind of wish we could play as an elemental or something. My suggestion, try WoW for a week for free and get a taste for yourself. The graphics are super nice and there are many bonuses worthy of play time.
  22. "Cataclsym is all right, but it's not Pandaria. To understand why a cataclysm is so important, and to know what effects it has on the before and after of Azeroth demand a context that a new player simply doesn't have."

    Stating this is completely out of mind. Why? You played from a new player's perspective while not being a new player. Saying that Cataclysm, from a new player's perspective, had a lot of effect on the before and after of Azeroth is like saying that turning Lordaeron into Undercity had a lot of effect on the before and after of Tirisfal Glades. Imagine Vanilla WoW was the 1st expansion to the game. In the original, Lordaeron was there. In the expansion, it's Undercity. Or, take Ungoro crater. In some previous, imaginatory, versions of the game, Ungoro crater didn't exist. Or maybe, thousand needles were flooded like in cataclysm, or Tanaris was not a desert, or this and that and what not. The world changes constantly and has been changing before wow was even released (if you can understand what I'm trying to say here). For a new player, it just isn't relevant because all and any content is actually new. They do not need a context. The present is their context.

    On the other hand, the veterans review didn't actually review the game. It just stated what we all know, that you have to do "grindy" quests to reach the level cap and do some BGs, raids or heroics. What about the talent system? You did mention it, but what about it. Is it good? Bad? Does Blizzard's Quality vs Quantity talent philosophy work out or not?

    Stating that the engine is old is like saying that milk is getting boring because it's colour is still white.
  23. Crap review. If you don't get raid content and playing a game that needs more skill than Farmville, why even try and critique WoW?

    I played WoW since there was a WoW and what most fans of the new content don't get, many of whom never played Vanilla and TBC, is the original players have a right to feel how they feel. That feeling is bitter, bitter, bitter disappointment.

    Now, if WoW had always been a game for kids whose prime source of enjoyment was getting a new toy, then I could understand why I could be criticised for pouring scorn on the new content. However, WoW was much, much more than that and I really miss it - according to some posts I read here I'm not allowed to miss the old game either.

    When WoW first came out there was nothing else like it. The original WoW developers had certain ethos, ethics even, for the standards they would expect from the game play and they burnt the midnight oil to make sure we players got an amazing experience.

    Many critics totally miss what the game was really about and there is no exception to be found in this review.

    So what WAS the game about?
    • Achievement
    • Team work
    • Friends
    • Lastly, skill
    None of these things exist in the game anymore in anything like the extent they did in Vanilla and TBC. The game is so easy to play there is no sense of achievement. Because it is so easy you don't need to run the content with people you know and trust to play well and who become your friends, you pug everything - right down to the last boss. There is no sense of team work because you don't need to work as a team as we did in the past.

    The result of all this is that players don't need friends and strong guilds, to progress. This means the attitudinally challenged retards have nothing to put a reign on their behaviour. The game was handed to the loot-*****s, build for loot-*****s. In the LK / Cata content it was unusual if you didn't get a new Epic item every single day. Back in Vanilla we might not get a new item for weeks, months even, and it didn't matter because we didn't play for loot.

    What Blizzard doesn't get, after all this time. Players of old care very little for flashy graphics and loot, what we do care about is challenging content that gives a feeling of real achievement when progress is made.

    What did we get? Dumbed down content with each expansion since TBC. Pug everything, don't need a guild anymore. Silly graphics for children that only caused lag and did nothing for the game.

    I tried Cata. Cleared two raid instances and got bored. I was so excited about getting into Black Wing Lair, but we cleared it so fast it was a joke.

    I tried MoP. Did one 5 man. It was so easy we downed bosses without realising they were bosses.

    Blizzard, you sold out.

    Sadly, there are no games even like WoW anymore. My friends and I have tried a few, but they are all dumbed down childrens' games and don't hold any interest.

    World of Warcraft - RIP.

    Somebody out there create something new and exciting and challenging, PLEASE!!!
  24. MetalMilitia

    MetalMilitia TS Rookie

    This game is a real waste of money and time. First of don't let them rip you off for purchasing an expansion with no game time. Just for the upgrade which you cannot test out once you get, until you buy the game time which is pretty pricey each month. Trust me, it gets to be a pain after paying for it and feeling like it was money well spent. If I'd give this game a rating it would be a one out of five stars. No offense to anyone but this is my opinion, but don't say that I didn't warn ya about these cheap Blizzard folk.

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