Worried about mobo temp

By vivabiafra
Mar 26, 2010
  1. I have 2 temp monitoring programs on my pc and they both say my mobo is at 84c. I only have 2 fans but I opened my case and put a large house fan right in front of it and turned it on.......no change. It will also read at that temp when it is off all night and I check right after I turn it on..........any suggestions?
  2. EXCellR8

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    To verify what the software is stating, check the temps in the actual system BIOS before the computer loads the OS, during POST. The mobo temp is typically read from the northbridge on the motherboard which controls RAM, video, and CPU. Some chipsets run hotter than others but 80+ temps isn't normal for anything I'd say; you def want to check it out.

    There is usually a heat sink placed on the northbridge in which you may be able to reseat if you pull the motherboard out. Perhaps applying new thermal compound and reseating the sink will provide better temps. If you are overclocking the motherboard, you may need to reset the settings to default so that the NB voltage is within factory spec.
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    You should never trust the temp readings of the MB with software of even from the bios. They usually aren't correct. Sometimes they read the CPU temps with with smaller than real world temps. (this is why people sometimes burn their components when overclocking a bit too much).
    Always add +10 to the temps if you're overclocking using the temps read by the MB.

    BTW: keeping your PC clean from dust helps and if you don't have any issues with your PC with your MB running at that temp then you should not worry about it too much.
    PS: you should try what EXCellR8 said if you know how.
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