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By cubankid219
May 21, 2008
  1. ok.i find a bug in my system. cant fix it. i find techspot, maybe the solution to my problem. i read and follow instructions on the sticky by julio. i post my own thread with the requested logs. some one named Blind Dragon deletes my thread after he asked me to post all the logs he requested. this is just the perfect thing i need to end my day dont you think? look i came here for help, dont turn me down, not only am i mad from the fact that i get a virus for no reason, you refuse to help me for the fact that i am

    "Just another noob with another problem ..."-Blind Dragon, 9/20/08, 09:48 AM

    i am dissapointed and angry that you allow some one like this to "help" people in need.

    let me know if some one is actually willing to help me out, ill post the logs.

    the logs. i cannot give you the logg for the antirootkit. i am running vista, so i cant run panda, and the link to avg antirootkit wont work. so im stuck on that. but i have the other loggs. and let me know if you need me to give more loggs

    my problem is this:
    every time i type in a url and click enter the url changes to and then the url i typed.

    so if i type in and click enter, the url changes to

    the page starts to load but stops and i am left with a blank page. so i am unable to surf the web.

    i can only go through the internet with links, so it is very restricting. ty for the help.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    You may be suffering from DNS Cache Poisoning. Try this approach;
    1. empty the browser cache
    2. delete all cookies
    3. quit the browser
    4. get a command prompt (run->cmd)
    5. now enter these commands, including the QUOTES
    Be sure you are on an Admin account;
    ipconfig /flushdns
    net stop "DNS Client"
    net start "DNS Client"​
    Power off the modem and your router.
    Wait one minute and restart the modem
    Wait another minut and restart the router

    verify you have an IP Address; ipconfig /all will show your IP address, a gateway
    address, and one or two DNS addresses.

    verify you can find google

    now restart your browser to your home page and then ....
    enter a URL, such as
    which will display "The World Wide Web Consortium"

    Things should be better *IF* your system has been properly cleaned.
  3. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    1) I didn't delete any thread nor do I have access to delete threads.
    2) Even if I could delete threads why would I ask you for logs first
    3) I don't talk like that "Just another noob with another problem ..."-Blind Dragon, 9/20/08, 09:48 AM <-Where did this come from.

    4) I have helped 100's of people in this section with 0 complaints to date, why would I all of the sudden start causing trouble.

    * Your thread however has definitely been deleted because I received an email that the thread had new posts and when I clicked the link it said invalid thread. However, even if my account was hacked - My account here does not have rights to move or delete threads - the only people that can do this are labeled TSSpecialforces

    Since you want to jeopardize my reputation as a helper, I will not be giving further advise on your infection and you can wait for somebody else to come along.

    Whats funny is somebody started a thread a few days ago with the title

    Just another noob with another problem - type it in google and the thread is the top result

    P.S. for whoever decides to help this user - you need to edit a default registry key that has been corrupted before the problem will go away
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