XP 32 BIT Apps Will Not Install - 16 BIT Error

By BlueOcean
Nov 30, 2004
  1. Well just have to say the side effects of unknown group policy and Service Pack 2 are great. Here is what I know. I have pure 32 bit apps that get 16 BIT error can't install because something is corrupted or missing from install. I have older apps that may or may not be 16 BIT that get the same error. I have even one app that will install on a fresh non-networked machine but when subjected to above conditions I get an User Rights ***ignment Error and will not install even under Domain Admin and of course local Admin. Lately I have found one shred of hope but something isn't clicking. On another which was pure 32 BIT the vendor rewrapped with different installer and it installed, something to do with the version of Install Shield they were using. One of the apps will install now but I have to extract the executable with Winzip to the TEMP folder first. But it has to be the TEMP folder not a network share.

    With so many problems I have lost track of details and stuff I should know. Microsoft KB are horrible for supporting post SP2 problems and PRE KB articles little help.

    Has anyone experienced this same problem. Is there something in the registry that is permissioned wrong causes this to happen?

    Any insight no matter how basic would be appreciated as I may have overlooked something easy.

  2. dgower2

    dgower2 TS Maniac Posts: 238

    You probably already know this, but it can't hurt right. Assuming it's an executable file that you're unzipping, after it's unzipped, right click on it, choose properties, the compatibility tab, and check "Run the program in compatibility mode for", then select an earlier OS. Try each one until it runs successfully. Hope this helps.

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