By kensaundm31
Aug 21, 2007
  1. Hi there, please could someone help me with a problem.

    I will give details of my system but first will describe the problem:

    Any audio or video files read from the disk stutter every other second. I use my machine to produce music so this stops me in my 'tracks'(hoho). If I copy a file from the SATA disc while a simple mp3 is playing then it completley garbles the sound.

    When I run the same files from one of the IDE disks there is no problem.

    I have noticed copying files is markedly slower when this disc is involved.
    Whilst copyng files using this disc if I move the mouse pointer in a repeating circle then the pointer will freeze and unfreeze quickly repeatedly so it appears to jump from point to point.

    When I copy files using other disks (neither to or from SATA) the pointer is a continuous line with no jumpiness.

    Also: when copying files using the SATA drive the 'system' file in Task Manager/Processes peaks at 95% CPU and averages about 60%CPU.

    Also: In 'Device Manager'the 'Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE' and 'VIA Bus Master IDE controller' don't have the 'advanced settings' tab. I don't know if that is normal? There is no mention of SATA.

    The SATA MAXTOR STM3320920AS is running on the 'Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE' controller shouldn't this be a SATA controller?

    The 'Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE' is sharing an irq with 'VIA rev 5 or later USB universal host controller' I've tried disabling the VIA USB but it doesn't help.

    So I guess the problem is to do with SATA driver.

    The SATA MAXTOR STM3320920AS driver in 'Device Manager' is:
    'Manufacturer: (Standard disk drive) 5.1.2535.0 - 01/07/2001'
    (is this right? Shouldn't there be mention of SATA?).

    ASRock 775DUAL-VSTA motherboard bios 2.90
    MS Windows XP PRO SP 2

    2xIDE disks Master/Slave
    CDRW & DVRR Master/slave

    Please help.
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