Xp blue screen on startup, cannot load windows in any mode

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Feb 13, 2005
  1. Recently I installed a new usb 2.0 hub and a removable hard drive. This itself had been giving me errors over the weeks, random blue screens etc, but it wasnt a major problem. Today I decided to start up in safe mode to fiddle with some more settings (I did this from the msconfig file), and the pc stayed on the 'Shutting down windows' screen for a long time. Eventually i decided to turn it off manually. Now on restart regardless of whether I try and boot in safe mode or normal mode or last good config, I get a blue screen before the splash screen. I noticed in safe mode, it always blue screens in the same place whilst the drivers are loading up, so I think its a corrupt driver (I had previously tried to uninstall the drivers for my hub in order to reinstall, but the confirmation dialog screen would hang each time, thus the safe mode restart). its a STOP error 0x0...07B. Is there a way to somehow disable certain drivers, bearing in mind i cant startup, and I cant find my XP installation CD (how annoying!!!!).

    XP Professional
    IBM Thinkpad T30
  2. zephead

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    seems you've fiddled your way out of a computer, assuming selecting 'last known good configuration' won't boot either
  3. tricky

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    Ok, I partitioned a part of my hard drive for DOS, copied the /i386 folder from my c: drive and setup XP again from the copied files (damn, why didnt they give me a CD to start with). Couldnt do repair, but didn't want to lose any files, etc, so I installed windows to a different folder, c:\window, as opposed to c:\windows, and now its up and running again with my files still intact. Now, can I just delete the old windows folder and keep the newly created one? Would this screw anything up? I'm kinda scared to restart at the moment....
  4. zephead

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    you comp should run fine, except that now you have a whole lot of unnessesary stuff on that drive. i'd backup your needed files onto something and once your files are secure, do a clean wipe and reinstall windows. from a cd.
  5. OutcastPhoenix

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    Sorry to revive an old topic, but I have a similar problem. I uninstalled my nVidia display drivers so I could install some new ones. After uninstalling, you have to restart. While starting up again, I recieved the same blue screen error. 0x000...7B. The same with the thread-creator, this was for safe mode or anything. I recently had a different computer problem and my brother who is quite proficient with computers helped to fix it but he was quite angry, and I don't want to ask him for help again. If anyone can help me out here, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
  6. zephead

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    to get the most help, i reccomend starting a new thread, including detailed specs.
  7. Malauerte

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    Unless you disabled it the Thinkpad series have an FKey (F11 I think) assigned to restore the laptop to it's original config - of course you lose everything important like data but you could still get it back by booting from a linux bootable CD like Knoppix or try this link to UBCD - http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/
    UBCD has a bagillion utilities on it that may help you.
    Hope that helps.
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