XP bluescreen while installing

By lda007
Jun 10, 2005
  1. Please help!!!!

    Bluescreen errors have started. First the bluescreen reported system32.dll is missing. I reformated and reinstalled; however, while in the "installing windows" part of the setup procedure bluescreen errors stop the installation. The following is an example of the XP TROUBLE CODE:


    0*0000000a (0*c0006580, 0*00000002, 0*00000000, 0*80501e85)

    I have replaced the video card from nivda 64 to a 128. I have replaced the RAM. The trial and error way of repair is too costly to continue. Please someone help me.
  2. Tedster

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    you must post the specs about your system before anyone can help you.
  3. lda007

    lda007 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Follow Up

    850 Athalon
    20 gig HD
    Nivda 64 mb w\TV out
    640 ram (+ or -)
    10\100 ethernet
    Windows XP

    My computer randomly crashes with blue screen stop messages or does not restart after loading the bios. Right before it tries to start windows, a dark gray screen appears and it seems to just stop. I have a really load fan and I don't notice it being effected (by the loss of power I mean).

    I ran scandisk and a lot of bad sectors were found. I wonder if the hard drive is going bad. I ordered a hard drive for my personal computer and a will install the older harddrive in the problem cpu. i will postthe results Monday.
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