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Mar 18, 2004
  1. I have two computers on a workgroup through dsl and 2 port router. One computer has ZoneAlarm firewall and the other is just using the XP Firewall. When I go to the settings of the XP firewall I can add a IP address...like a trusted IP im guessing...It also asks for the incoming and outgoing ports? How can i find those....I want to be able to talk to each computer without turning the XP firewall off....any help? thanks, cody o

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  2. FeTaLDaMagE

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    I thought that you really dont need fire wall if you use a router because of the of the nat system on the routers firewall? Did I miss somthing I should know about?
  3. Nodsu

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    It's still good idea to run software firewall although XP firewall is not something anyone should ever rely on.
  4. Greeno

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    Agreed with Nodsu, PS...thats the worst windows colour theme ever man ;]
  5. Liquidlen

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    Save yourself some headaches and shutoff the XP firewall.Grab another copy of Zonealarm and put it on the other machine.
    Zonealarm will set up a local& WAN protection levels and you use the XP networking wizard to set up sharing protocols
  6. ovrtn5

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    I think I will just put ZoneAlarm on it....thanks for the help! cody o
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