XP logs on ok to domain but then hangs

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Jul 23, 2008
  1. Hi,
    I have a domain.local and about 31 xp machines on the domain. Everything was working fine for years, and all of a sudden we have 3 or 4 machines that log onto the domain but after about 3 or 4 minutes they literally hang. You can't do anything. The only thing that works is going to system restore through safe mode. However after a day or so the whole thing happens again. No matter how far you go back into the history of the restore points. No changes have been made whatsoever, the other 20 odd machines are working just fine, but these are a mistery. One girl claimed that it happened after she installed a java update, but all the others have updated as well, not just her. All machines are up to date with their windows updates. I just can't get my head around this one. Any ideas? One of the machines have been restored back to factory settings and it the problem re-occurred within a few days. The others I haven't bothered restoring yet. Server is SBS 2003 with SQL but no exchange running on it. I only has user data, which is quite small and a SQL database that points to a snap server. Snap server is working fine, thousands of files are retrieved from it nearly instantly, that is how fast the network is. We have a sonicwall with antispam and antivirus, we also have another anti virus at network level. Everything has been scanned. Help!
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    They hang while logging on to the domain or do they hang when logged on and at desktop,

    if you log on as a local machine does it still hang.

    Are the disks in good condition, do they use the same type of NIC.

    I did a google on XP hangs joining domain and got a lot of hits on the query maybe one of them relates to your issue.

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    The machines hang on desktop. They log in onto domain and the desktop loads. You can do things for about 2-4 minutes and that is it, it all hangs. To get to a system restore gui it might take over 30 minutes. All the machines are pretty much similar in spec, and it started with one machine, then a couple now about 4 of them, having exactly the same problem.
    It's not the hanging during logon, or after pressing enter after username and password. Desktop actually loads and pc behaves normal for 2-4 minutes.
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    Is there anything in the Events ! Security logs on the affected machines?

    There is a lot of handshaking that goes on in these networks - which I do not understand. Contrast the security logs between one of the suspects & one of the solid machines. It may give some direction for the "who" and "what".
  5. jobeard

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    disconnect the network cable from a machine that is hanging and then boot and login
    to the machine rather than letting it use the network login

    does it still hang?
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