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By mazzou
Aug 10, 2004
  1. I just bought a think pad 560z [ptnm 2 330mhz 128 ram 6.4 hd] it has 98 on it. I have xp home on my pc can i use my os disk to load xp on my think pad? its my first laptop and i don't know a alot about them. I also paid $150.00 for it did I get a good deal?
  2. Rick

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    XP will run on the 560. I would consider adding more memory (RAM) to your laptop.

    Unfortunately, XP can only be installed on one computer. There's nothing (legally) you can do about this because XP home requires activiation after a certain period or it will quit working properly. When you get your activiation code, Microsoft knows that you have used the cd-key before on another system.

    As far as the street price is concerned, you got a good deal. Something like that might sell locally here for about $300+

    To get around the key situation, you can call Microsoft and tell them you got a new computer and are transferring your XP installation. They will give you a new activation code. You won't be legal though.. Not for both systems and you may have problems in the future if you ever have to reinstall your OS etc..
  3. Goalie

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    One thing to check: Go to IBM's website. Go in the support section and look up drivers. Be sure that there's drivers there for you to use, and download them and put them on a CD.

    My experience with XP laptops is the support is great. Very rarely have I needed to DL an extra driver to install it. However, on occasion I do. And that's why you check the website. Because of the nature of laptop hardware, you're quickly up a creek if something isn't working. You should be fine though, afaik IBM is great on driver support.

    PS- Welcome to Techspot!
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