xp pro audio still won't play

By Scion
Aug 25, 2005
  1. Alright i posted before about all my audio in XP not working... i'm going to repost my original and then update everything i've tried...
    to start off here are the basics of my system:
    xp pro
    pent 3
    1.2 GHz
    512 ram

    i just installed a new soundcard to see if a broken sound card was the problem but it didn't help whatsoever. the new soundcard that i am currently using is from Mad Dog multimedia. it's a 5.1 6 channel card... system devices lists it as CMI8738/C3DX PCI audio Device.
    Everything is unmuted and plugged in correctly. I've had this problem almost a year now and have tried to fix it multiple times. this system has had sound beforeso i know there is a way to fix it but am at a complete loss as to how.
    I read about a similar problem on a different thread on this site and it said to disable the mobo onchip USB in BIOS. I looked for it and didn't see that setting anywhere in BIOS and i'm not even sure if that would help.

    i've run dxdiag and couldn't hear anything. i've tried troubleshooters which don't help. i've disabled my onboard sound just to make sure it wasn't interfering. i've checked device manager to make sure nothin is messed up there. i have a fairly current driver which came with the sound card. maybe update teh mobo drivers? i dunno why that would help but perhaps.

    for more info about stuff i've tried and about what i'm using, here is the link to my posts and some responses i've already gotten.
    thanks a ton in advance for any help/ advice you can give.
  2. bender

    bender TS Rookie

    im no pro but i had the same problem, all i did was in BIOS set me PCI bus settings to auto (if not set to auto then try that) REBOOT. if that dont help i would just try uninstalling all sound drivers of every type and remove and reinstall the card reboot let xp find its own driver. dont no if you have done this but it workd for me :p hope you have some luck..... jut
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