XP Pro drives - only one boots

By k2gamer
Mar 28, 2009
  1. Hello,

    I've been looking around for a solution to my problem(s)
    but i havent found anything helpfull yet, so i hope you can give me
    som adivice what to or so..

    I had xp pro on one of my hard-drive's, the one i used primarily.
    The other one i had Windows 7 beta on, recently i installed XP pro on this hard-drive
    After doing so i couldn't boot back to my "main" drive.
    Basically both has xp pro now, so the problem is that i can't get back to my first installed xp drive.

    I tried some stuff in the boot menu, like when i was going to set the boot priority
    it seemed to be missing, but when i check the sata info thingy both drive's are there, found and everything...

    Here's my Computer :

    Main Hard-drive (This is the one i cant get into) : Western Digital Raptor 150gb SATA 16mb 10k rpm

    Secondly drive : Samsung Spinpoint T166 320gb SATA2 16mb 7,2k rpm

    Mainboard : Asus P5E, X38, Socket-775, DDR2, ATX, Firewire, gblan, 2xpci-ex(2.0)x16

    Grapich card : XFX FeForce 9800GTX 760M 512MB Black Pci-Express 2.0

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz Socket LGA775, 8mb

    CPU Power : 24.87w in windows

    RAM : Corsair Twin2X 6400C4 DDR2, 2048MB Ck4, 800MHz Dimm's

    Corsair Powersupply 750w

    I have all the latest drivers.
    8 Fan's

    I didn't know if you needed this information about my computer but anyway here you have it.

    I want to get back to my main drive because all of my saved games are there and my passwords etc..

    Dont wanna install it all over again, on most of my files i don't have the install.exe so it would be hard to transfer from it.

    If you need any more information then please reply and i'll do my best to give you an understandfull answer.

    PS: My english isn't that good,sorry about that,, hehe ^_^
  2. gavinseabrook

    gavinseabrook TS Rookie Posts: 320

    Take out the newest drive and let your main drive remain in the PC. Boot to it and run the built in Backup utility. Backup to an external drive or network, and then plug in the new drive and restore it. Then you can format the old drive and use it for free space.
  3. k2gamer

    k2gamer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks i guess, didnt really see any help on your answer tho.
    I wanna keep both as they are, just wanna switch drive "logon".
    But if that's the only way i guess i have to try it out.

    Thanks again.
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