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Dec 18, 2005
  1. Besides the added network options in XP Pro is there anything really different about it to the standard end user ? I have usually just used XP pro on all of my clients machines so the rhelms of xp home are kind of new to me.
  2. spyker_C8

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    no AFAIK...

    I have both operating systems installed on two different computers and I can't tell the difference...
  3. Spike

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    If you want to really get under the bonnet and configure XP fully and securely, then there are a few things in Pro that are handy - like different usergroups and privilidge assignments (power users is probably the more relevant). There's also the group policy editor which can be easy and convenient and useful depending on what you want.

    There is a microsoft page stating the differences between home and pro somewhere. Suffice to say, your joe average user may notice a difference depending on what they do with the computer, but they are usually minor issues.

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    for the diff in pricing and a more stable system
    get XP pro or Windows 2000 pro
    home s***k
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