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Feb 6, 2009
  1. I have windows xp Professional version 2002 service pack3 on my dell laptop...when going to open some video files..i.e.avi movie files...windows hops in and shuts it down stating that it was closing it down to stop damage to my laptop...opening the same files on another p/c ..no problem....any sugestions??have tried to ask microsoft with not much success, reckon this is a better forum...thanks....philthyphil
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    We need the brand and model of your computer, along with configuration and age in order to be of much help to you... Since it is a Dell, we need to know if Inspiron or Latitude, and the Service Tag would be helpful.
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    What are you using to open the files? Windows media player or another program? For video files I've found that Media Player Classic works best.
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    Thanks for that...the model is a Dell Vostro,not even 12 months old..have had a new h/d installed by Dell only a couple of months ago and working well...service tag no. is 5G1FV15....problems semed to start after I downloaded a programme...AVS Video Converter 6 to change some mp4 [H264]downloads into something I could watch...wether this is the problem or not I dont know...I downloaded from Vuze and it would'nt open the file...just shut the programme off....I do have Media Player Classic...couldnt even use it,as soon as you click on the file...up pops "windows is closing this ...etc.etc....I even converted some files from a disc to avi ...wouldnt even open them.....HELP.....thanks for the time ....philthyphil
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    Divx didnt help

    downloading divx didnt help at all ,but thanks for the assistance....what actually comes up when it shuts down is......Data Prevention ...microsoft windows....to help you protect your p/c windows etc, has closed this programme....looking further....Error Signature...event type:BEX P1explorer.exe P2:6.0.2900.5512 P3:48025c30 P4::unknown P5: P6: P7:03f2c860 P8co.o.o.o.o.o.5 P9:00000000. appears this is to do with service pack 2...it even shuts down when transferring previous data from a disc I did months ago and trying to make them into avi files then trasferring to another 2.5".hdd....soon as I click on it...bingo...shuts the programme down....hope this isnt to long winded.....Philthyphil
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