XP SP3 slipstream problems

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Sep 16, 2008
  1. Like the title says I am trying very hard in slipstreaming SP3 into my XP installation. This is the guide that I'm using:


    I have managed and successfully completed everything in this article. However when it comes time to boot the cd to test and see if it works. I placed the slipstream XP SP3 CD into my optical dvd rom drive, restarted the PC... after the POST screen all i get is a blank screen with a single blinking cursor on top and never moves from there. Its only after I take out the disc the machine is able to boot again. Did i do anything wrong in this slipstreaming guide? The ***ONLY*** thing I did different in this guide was that I used a DVD disc instead of a CD. The reason being is because Neo burning rom is telling me the contents can not fit into a typical cd. And so that is why I used a DVD disc. Could this be the reason why the problem is occurring during boot? Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  2. vnf4ultra

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    I find it easiest to "slipstream" service packs using nlite. You just need the original contents of your xp disc on your system and the full sp3 installer. When the program opens, just check that you want to integrate a service pack and create a bootable iso.
  3. LNCPapa

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    I agree with vnf completely. Sure, it's great to learn how to do it manually/properly, but when there exists a tool that does it so well and so easily and it's free??? then I say just use it :)

    As far as the DVD issue goes I'm really not sure if that's what is causing you grief.
  4. Aolish

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    your most definitely right lol... I would really love to do this manually before I use the program lol... Why is it that your able to fit the contents into a cd and I can't? Is there some sort of super CD media that carries more data then a typical normal CD cannot (not dvd) that i'm not aware of? :suspiciou
  5. LNCPapa

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    I use typical 700 MB CDs - but I do think I removed some things from my XP install - though I'm not sure. This process is also very easy with nLite. My XP SP3 slipstreamed disk is only 629 MB. Mine is also based off corporate media and I don't know if there are any differences between volume and standard retail media.

    FYI - if you ever get a wild hair and want to do/learn this with Vista there is also vLite.
  6. Aolish

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    alright so still doing the manual way... I have successfully integrated SP2, no problems there.. So i'm guessing I had to first integrate in one of the two service packs first before doing SP3 integration. Anyway I found one very strange thing. The file "microsoft corporation.img" is renamed to "Nero Burning Rom.img". LOL Is there a reason for this? I never asked nero to do this. Anyone have any ideas on why nero keeps renaming the microsoft corporation.img to Nero Burning ROM.img?
  7. gbhall

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    A volume install CD as you desfibe it, is set up to assume a particular PC model as a rule, and simply will not start if the bios of your PC fails to identify itself as such. Maybe that is your problem ?
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