XP Start up freeze

By Laura_Palmer
Jan 10, 2006
  1. hi
    i have an XP machine, Using SATA Drives.

    The Problem Began when a friend had a computer that
    wouldn't completely star up and needed the files off it.

    i connected the her IDE Drive to mine as slave.
    It stared up fine and i copied the files to my machine.
    before i disconnected the drive i tried to write the files to dvd.
    i clicked on my app for writing and the sytem instantly went into restart.

    So i disconnected the IDE and restarted making the sure the bios
    had the boot order correct for SATA's.

    So now the sytem frrezes on the blue windows screen,
    just before the login buttons appear.
    left it for about 10 minutes, nothing happened.

    ho hum
    any ideas
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