XP wallpaper problem

By booyahgz
Mar 6, 2006
  1. I can't change my wallpaper- when I try to, the box where I would pick a wallpaper cant be selected, and other options aren't available. It looks just like if you try to change wallpaper in safe mode. I created a new user, and it works fine in that, but not my main user. Somebody please help me.
  2. sphinx

    sphinx TS Rookie

    Create another user account on top of the ones taht you have now.
    Once in that new account go into C:\Documents and Settings\ .
    -Click on Tools -> Folder Options -> View
    -Click the View tab at the top
    -Scroll down and bubble in "Show hidden files and folders"
    -Scroll down more and uncheck "Hide Protected Operating System Files"
    -Once that has been Apply'ed and OK'ed then double click on the folder that has your original account (the one ur having problems with).
    -Select all of the folders in there, exclude all things that say "NTUSER" so just mainly the folders.
    -Copy those folders and paste them into the second account that you created. (The one you made right after the problem arose.
    -Now exit out of the account you are in and enter the one you created after you had the original problem and your desktop, favorites, my documents all of that should be the same. Now you can delete those other accounts and stick with this one.
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