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Apr 16, 2005
  1. can any one help im trying to load windows xp onto a packard bell laptop but know sooner does it get half way through loading this computer shuts down.next ? is it possible to load xp on this computer through my desk top using a usb cable or similar.it started off with xp but with loads of problems ive got pass formating then going onto load windows and thats it any ideas anyone cheers jez
  2. zephead

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    what are the laptop's specs? it may not be beefy enough to handle XP, considering packard bell went out of business many years ago.
  3. jez.stix

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    cheers for the reply it has pentium4 2.66 480 ram 55 gb hard drive and the usual drives its now loaded after a lot of hassle but it has a partition like before,i think thats what was causing a lot of the problems as one part about 6gb was in fat 32 and the other in ntfs i have now forced the 6gb to ntfs so both partitions are running ntfs so i hope it will be ok now,one ? for you when i format a hard drive i allways use killdisk its brilliant (www.killdisk.com) its free and works well but do you or anyone else now how to use it if you have'nt got an A/drive or can it be used using a usb a?drive once again cheers
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    You can install/burn it also onto a bootable CD.
    If your PC/laptop lets you boot from a USB-key you can use it from there too, I guess, but only guess...
  5. jez.stix

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    cheers will have to give that a go,guess what its still playing about but only on startup,it takes a long time going around in a loop then finaly it will start,but once started you can restart switch off and start again as many times as you want with no problems so im begining to think its a hardware issue yet another thing to look into,computers great but what a pain they realy are (also good for a stella or 1664) will keep this forum informed with what happens so others can see what they need to do cheers jez
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