XPC won't boot with IPOD attached

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Jan 29, 2006
  1. I have a problem that started when I went to install a new Ipod using the USB connection. Windows XP hangs during POST right when it should be detecting the drives. I went into the BIOS of the XPC and set the boot order to CDROM, FLOPPY, and then the HD. I set "Boot from other device" (I believe that was the setting) to Disabled. The PC is a Shuttle XPC (SN41G2) and if I disconnect the Ipod, the PC boots normally.

    Any ideas how to resolve this?

  2. xero

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    Do not set the hdd detection to automatic.
    Specify disk 'user' for each fixed drive in bios.

    verify if cdrom has no disk in it.

    are u sure you removed usb as a boot device?

    maybe there is another option like 'search for boot devices on startup' or something. Enable PXE, lan boot rom etc etc
  3. Marko44

    Marko44 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I will try as you suggest and re-check the BIOS settings. The PC is no longer at my house so I will report back shortly. Thanks
  4. Marko44

    Marko44 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK . . . I set the first boot device to IDE-0 and disabled 2nd and 3rd boot devices. I also disabled "boot from other" I also set the primary and secondary ide master devices to manual and disabled slave. The problem still persists. Whenever the IPOD is connected to either the front or rear USB ports, the XPC will freeze during POST when it should be detecting the drives. I tried a USB flash drive and it had no problems booting with it installed. Any ideas out there? Thanks!
  5. danab

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    Having same problem... solution???

    Marko... I'm having the same problem with my Shuttle XPC (SK43G with Award Bios). Tried the same things you did... problem persists. Did you ever find a solution to the issue?

    Thanks for any help...
  6. Fizics

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    ive got this same problem with my dads laptop solution wait to boot before plugging in the ipod
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