Xperia ZR or Samsung Galaxy S4


Which one do you suggest ?

  1. Sony Xperia ZR ( C5502)

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  2. Samsung S4 ( GT-I9500)

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By Archie
Jun 6, 2014
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  1. Hi All

    I was thinking of buying a mobile phone

    I am confused between Xperia ZR and Samsung Galaxy S4

    Here are my concerns.

    The dilemma with ZR

    1) Dilemma 1 :

    only approx 4.5 GB internal memory available to user , as there is no option to install apps in SD card

    So with many apps this space will fill up fast , then what do I do? I am not confident with rooting and I do not think I will be able to Root in the warranty period.

    2) Dilemma 2 :

    OTG ( USB on the go ) what does wiki mean when it says “Note that OTG mode is not officially supported due to Micro-B instead of Micro-AB receptacle (when compared to Xperia Z). This results that standard USB OTG cable cannot be used, but cable adapter with micro-B plug and standard A socket allows to connect peripheral USB devices such as keyboard, mouse, flash drive, sound card.”

    Please check this link( scroll down to connectivity and connections ):

    So if I buy a USB OTG cable and connect my USB mouse or pen drive or keyboard will it work? What do they mean by Micro B type OTG, what do they mean by non standard USB OTG cable?

    3) Dilemma 3 :
    HDMI connectivity- I know this phone has MHL capability , but then again I am going to need micro B to Hdmi connector ain’t I. Is it easy to get ?

    So basically these 3 were my main concerns about ZR.

    Samsung Galaxy S4:

    I have heard that initially this phone had lots of problems, heating issue and lag.

    Over time I believe Samsung released OTA updates and problems have been sorted.

    But have the problems completely been sorted, or is the device still heating up and lagging?

    S4 had approx 9GB free space in the internal memory so that is sufficient for me and additionally there is a provision to move apps to SD card. So in terms of memory this phone is good even without rooting.

    So friends please help me here.

    These phones are not going to be cheap for me and I do not want to have any regrets after buying.

    Please help me with the type B micro USB on ZR and pen drive, mouse, keyboard and HDMI connectivity. Will it be an issue to connect to my HDMI TV and connect mouse and keyboard with this phone.( ZR)

    Is the S4 completely healed now? Or does the phone still lag and heat up now.

    ZR or S4, if you have either one, please share your personal experiences and guide us all. Really appreciate all your help.

    Waiting for your precious suggestions.
    Also please caste your vote.
  2. Archie

    Archie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Come on Folks, no Votes no messages ? Please help me a little here, I have lots to discuss and lots to learn.

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