Yahoo Inbox Problom

By Grim_tech
Jan 25, 2005
  1. okay techs rack your brains on this one im sure you will have as much fun with it as i am..... alright i access my yahoo mail (free Account) i get in i see the annoying welcome thing and then it tells me i have a crap load of bulk mail from people trying to sell me penis enlargment and of course the usual inbox mail from my friends But i cant access it! on my Computer i can on others but not mine i have done several virus scans, have run adaware, search and destroy, and cwschredder and after wasting 3 hours on that i though it would be fun to go through programs files manually to try and find any new software that shouldent be there. and guess what heres the best part, NOTHING!!!!!!! so basically if any one else has any suggestions or has had this problom Please Respond This is getting annoying.......

    also i spoke with yahoo and they have never heard about this and i called my internet provider and they know nothing so i am tired and annoyed up to my *** with stupied people who have a job on fixing computers and dont have a damn clue how to do it because they barly speak english ( no Offense intended to any one)
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    You could have been hijacked if it works on others computers. Havea look at This Thread and see if it helps.

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