Yahoo Messenger Problems

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May 11, 2006
  1. I have had Yahoo Messenger 7.0 since it came out but no for some reason it is having some issues, I sign in as invisible but people on my list can still see me no matter what I do. I went to the control panel and repaired it there but that didn't change anything, is there something else I can try?
  2. Peddant

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    According to this HERE people using the web version of messenger can see you anyway.

    People can also see you using Buddy Spy and other programs.
  3. znashmann

    znashmann TS Rookie

    Yahoo Messenger Problem Stealth Settings

    I have Yahoo Messenger with voice (7,0,0,437). I used to log in as Invisable....then individually go through each contact I wanted to see me as online. This worked fine. ABout 2-3 weeks ago when I did the same thing, I could click some contacts as online & it would work while othere when I clicked online, they stay offline. What am I doing wrong? I also have MSN messenger which I like better for the most part(except not being able to send offline messages like Yahoo). MSN allows you to block or unblock contacts fairly easy. Back to can I sign on Invisable & change status of selected people I want to see me as online for that time?? Why has this changed>
  4. kraziebone

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    Re-installing seams like the easiest/quickest way instead of asking hear
  5. znashmann

    znashmann TS Rookie

    Yahoo Messenger Problem Stealth Settings

    You would think so...but it does the same thing on my yahoo when I log in at work.....
  6. creambun

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    I have been having this problem as well....and I have been in contact with yahoo. They requested a copy of my ypager.log and have techs. looking into the problem. IN a way I am glad to hear I am not the only one having this problem...bit of a pain in the *** though! I hope they can fix the problem soon!! Strange is , that I opened up a new user name,. and with that one I have no problems. Will post here if I get answers from yahoo!!
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