year old laptop with random bsods and freezes

By emeraldjay
Oct 20, 2005
  1. I bought an IBM Thinkpad T41 from my college laptop program. It has been suffering from random freezes and BSODs for the past year. So far the only thing that our on campus tech support has been able to do is re-image the drive (5 or 6 times to date). I had to bring the laptop in a frozen state to prove that yes it does freeze.

    Now they are sick of dealing with me since they replaced the mother board a few days ago. They have taken to blaming the stuff I install on the crashes, yet they admit that they have no means of reading the minidumps that XP Pro creates. I am to the point of returning everything for what little money I can get back; I have until 21 October to get anything back. I don't like that option since when it does function properly, it is better than my higher powered desktop.

    I have been told that the drive, memory, and the installation are good; so it must be something I am doing something wrong. I am attaching the only three minidumps I have been able to keep on the drive in hopes that someone will give me some more ammunition to fight the tech support crew.
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