Yes, im actually trying to install windows 98 :-(

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Nov 4, 2006
  1. on an adventure to get Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries (and about 1 billion other games i have from back in the day) running on my shiney new XP system, i decided to skip all the work arounds/hacks/ and other BS and just install windows 98 on a separate drive and boot from that when i wanna get DOS'y. After creating the partition (ha! remember fdisk? i bet u wish you could forget) and going through the install right off the CD everything seemed to work fine....except... When i fire up the system and try to start from the 98 drive it goes to the old loading screen where the cloud bar scrolls by at the bottom but hangs there and never gets any farther. The bar keeps moving and the system seems to be working (HDD light blinks occasionally) but it never loads. Safe mode doesn’t work either, just has the same exact hang. Any suggestions would be great. I have tried a re-install with no luck. Thanks for the help.


    after about 1 hr the system stops responding and powers down, then when restart it says "ur sys did not start bla bla bla" and suggests i try safemode, which has the exact same problem with the never loading past the initial screen.
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    System stats

    ECS nForce4 939 mobo
    athlon 3000+
    HIS tech X800XL
    soundblaster X-FI
    Turtle Beach Riveria (only used for gameport, not involved with sound)
    2GB Corsair XMS ram (pc3200)
    1 80GB 5400 maxtor drive (runs the win98 image) (IDE)
    1 120GB 7200 WDC HDD (backup/data storage) (IDE)
    1 320GB 7200 WDC (win XP system drive) (SATA)
    1 lite on DVDRW
    1 sony CDRW
    Floppy drive
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    Boot up in the logged mode (press F8) and then examine bootlog.txt later on.
  4. N.A.T.O

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    here is the info from the BOOTLOG.TXT file

    [000CA3A9] Loading Device = C:\WINDOWS\SETVER.EXE
    [000CA3A9] LoadSuccess = C:\WINDOWS\SETVER.EXE
    [000CA3A9] Loading Device = C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS
    [000CA3AC] LoadSuccess = C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS
    [000CA3AC] Loading Device = C:\WINDOWS\DBLBUFF.SYS
    [000CA3AD] LoadSuccess = C:\WINDOWS\DBLBUFF.SYS
    [000CA3AD] Loading Device = C:\WINDOWS\IFSHLP.SYS
    [000CA3AD] LoadSuccess = C:\WINDOWS\IFSHLP.SYS

    then nothing. Same problem just hangs on the windows load screen and the bar keeps moving. Let me know if this helps, if not i can get some other logs if you like or whatever u need. Thanks
  5. It looks like your system maybe simply "too new" for Windows 98. You should try reinstalling with your SATA controller, soundcards and any other onboard devices such as LAN and IEEE 1394 disabled from the BIOS setup or removed from their PCI slots. Also when installing use the comand line "setup /p i" to cause windows not to detect a plug and play BIOS.

    Important: don't boot into XP while these changes are made. Do not disable ACPI or APIC, and then try to boot into XP. You should not disable those at all.

    Your next problem is memory. You need to set a maximum vcache size in system.ini or it will crash.

    Under [vcache] enter the following:


    Under [386Enh]


    (sets a 1GB cap on usable memory, to prevent crashing)

    Do this from a DOS boot disk or hit F8 and do a command line boot.

    Once you're up and running you should go to regedit and enter:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Connection Wizard

    Double click the completed value and enter "1". If it's not there just create a new dword value called "Completed" and give it a value of "1".

    This removes the annoying internet connection wizard, which is an absolute pain in the rear as it won't let you connect through a LAN to get updates and whatever.

    The next thing to do is download and install your win98 motherboard chipset driver and reboot.

    After this you should find the drivers for your disabled devices and enable them one by one and install the drivers, starting with the LAN. Do them one at a time and reboot about twice in between, otherwise you'll have problems. If you don't use a particular device leave it disabled.

    Next install IE6, followed by windows updates. In that order.

    Finally download your SATA controller's driver, reenable your SATA controller and install the driver.

    Hopefully that will help. I can't guarantee it of course because Win98 is very temperamental!
  6. N.A.T.O

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    Oh man, i thought i might be getting into something like this. When i have some time ill post my results. Thanks for the help.
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