Youtube videos keep stopping

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Nov 6, 2009
  1. Every time I try watching ant kind of you tube video it keeps stopping and starting. I have to download it just to view it. That is the only way I can view it. Can this problem be fixed?
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    They're upgrading the video features and tools for those like us (including me) right now and last night. But the tool above is neat for IE users. Firefox you can rebuild your profile or just grab 3.5.5 which was just released.
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    if changing the software doesent work, try re installing your video card drivers to come to a new, fresh state
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    i had the same problem a few weeks ago

    done a speed test on my internet connection

    was real slow so phoned my isp

    they asked if i had sky tv

    i thought whats that got to do with it

    they told me if its plugged into to same phone socket it will slow my connection down

    so i thought what the hell i will unplug it and see if it makes any difference

    wo and behold my router connection speed almost doubled

    seeing tho you only need the sky box connected to the phone line if you have a problem and they need to send a signal down the line to fix it

    i now leave mine disconnected until i need a reset signal sent

    hope this helps keith
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    You have a similar problem that I have due to the use of a Mobile for a Modem. Thought there would be no way to fix as the speed is poor at best. Suggest you increase the buffer that lets other computers store info. about you then (you don't need to allow it for all cookies just YouTube) Then once you start watching a vid at the point where the red "playing now bar" gets close to the end (but not at the end). Drag the playing arrow all the way back to the beginning -carefully- if you let it go in the wrong spot the buffer will not reload and you'll need to replay the hole scenario again. It's a bit of a time containment (waster) a 4 minute vid might take 12 minutes to create a buffer but the end result is you can play the whole thing back in one sequence -easy viewing-
    Suggest leaving the the setting for YouTube if you're going to be doing it often.
    You get to it by starting a vid then right mouse clicking then adjust the slider up to the amount of space you want to create on you computer that they (YouTube) can use. More than 100Mb should be enough but experiment for your best settings. Don't forget to lock-out other users (eg.only allow this Site)
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    Also check your system for spyware, malware, and viruses. There are so many things that can cause streaming video (and audio) to stop.

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