Convert Flash (swf, flv) Movies to any digital Video files. Add watermarks, logos and copyright messages to video file. It is easy! Simple select your logo from any image or video file and add to video file using Flash To Video Encoder PRO

Flash To Video Encoder PRO allows you convert any Adobe (Macromedia) Flash (swf, flv files) to video movie AVI, mp4, ASF/WMV, mpeg files, etc. The converting process allowing human interaction on Flash content during conversion.

You can use Flash To Video Encoder PRO for different purposes: Create your own video or dvd collection by converting with Flash To Video Encoder PRO your favourite flash movies. Record the passing of your favorite flash game to video file and save it to the future and etc. Also you able to convert Flash SWF and FLV files to MP4 media content for your mobile devices.

If you will have any problems managing Flash To Video Encoder PRO, please feel free to contact our Tech Support. Our Support Team will answer any question you might have.

Flash to Video Encoder PRO is Windows based software. Mac users can use Macvide FlashVideo Converter


  • True Alpha (Transparency) support for Flash movies, you can capture Flash movies with Alpha to 32 bit Video with alpha support.
  • Video Watermark support
  • Transparent Video Watermark support
  • Video Conversion support.
  • Audio Conversion support.
  • supported most of codecs installed on user systems
  • mp4 video support (3ivx codec required)
  • Movie width and height determination.
  • Auto determination of Movie duration.
  • User can control Movie over capturing.
  • Easy settings and nice interface.
  • Support Flash 6, 7, MX compressed movie.
  • Convert movie clips and action scripts.
  • No skip frames during conversion.
  • The audio data can be created from original SWF or Microphone.
  • Customizable dimensions for exported video.
  • Easy to use interface.