IconDeveloper is a program that makes it very easy to create your own Windows icons. Intead of trying to include a drawing package, IconDeveloper instead allows users to just import images made by other programs and turn them quickly and easily into icons.

IconDeveloper also makes it easy to change the colors of icons, do batch conversions, and add new sizes to existing icons using a variety of scaling techniques to ensure the highest possible quality.

IconDeveloper can also incorporate itself into the Windows shell allowing users to simply right click on a graphics image and turn it into a Windows icon (.ICO file). It can edit both .ICO files and .ICL files and supports any size icon you choose to create.


* Can turn PNG, JPG, BMP, and other common graphics files into Windows .ICO (icon) files
* Can easily change the color of individual or entire sets of icons at once.
* Includes a host of scaling options to ensure that images look nice as minimum 16X16 icons or higher
* Seamless support for all formats of Windows icons including the new alpha blended Windows XP icon format
* Shell integration
* Integrates with Stardock IconPackager