CrashDoctor is a program developed to recover crashing programs. It works as a JIT windows debugger and activates when a windows program crashes. It then attaches to the program and tries to recover the program from crashing state by careful analysis of the program. It is developed by Pankaj Garg for IntellectualHeaven (

CrashDoctor has another useful feature, once a program crashes, CrashDoctor monitors the execution of the program. If the program tries to open an existing file for writing CrashDoctor intercepts this and copies the original file to a backup location. This prevents any further damage done by the misbehaving program. The current version of CrashDoctor however doesn't prevent this if program already has these files open.

CrashDoctor also works like a debugger chooser. After installing CrashDoctor if a program crashes, the CrashDoctor recovery screen shows up. This screen lists debuggers available on the system and you can select a debugger to debug the crashing program instead of recovering its crash. Note here that once you start debugging the program, you won't be able to recover it.

CrashDoctor is supplied free of cost for both commercial and non-commercial use. Please take a look at file binarylicense.txt accompained with the distribution to see the full licensing conditions. If binarylicense.txt is missing, please write to to obtain an electronic copy of the same.

Note: To install, always extract all the files in the zip to a temporary folder. If you double click CrashDoctor.exe from inside your winzip (or your unzip program) session, then CrashDoctor won't be able to copy required files and installation will fail.

*The download link is for 32-bit UNICODE version. Visit the Publisher page for other downloads.

For Windows 95, 98 and ME, first try the 32-bit UNICODE version, if it doesn't work, then use the 32-bit ANSI version.

For Windows 2000, XP and 2003, always use the 32-bit UNICODE version.

For Windows on x86-64 (AMD64 or EM64T) use the AMD64 version.

You can also use testCrash program given below to see how CrashDoctor works when a program crashes.