Optimize your PC to peak preformance with PC Accelerator 2004. PC Accelerator 2004, from Smartalec Software, is an optimization application that is for those computer users who want more from their PC.

PC Accelerator 2004 Features:

Over one thousand and five hundred tweaks available CPU Core optimization, L2 Cache acceleration, and detailed help files for every level of user, PC Accelerator will increase your PC's preformance by up to 60%*.

* User-friendly interface
* 1550+ tweaks and optimizations in total
* Ehance your system's security
* Increase Internet connection speed
* Tweak 3D graphics for better preformance
* Support for all major CPUs, 3D videocards

Secure your PC, tweak your internet conenction, enhance over all preformance, all with a few simple clicks.